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Person with four arms

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MetaLimbs gives people an extra set of arms for when they literally have their hands full. or "Doc Ock" is an enemy of Spiderman with four extra robotic arms A single person installing a large panel overhead must struggle. Aside from adding a second arm, the system now features telepresence, which allows another person, even half a world away, to control those.

It only takes a minute to sign up. Humanoids with more than 2 pairs of arms weren't an unknown concept in human culture. And from modern times, there's the six-armed Spiral from person with four arms X-Men comics Science person with four arms any real-life instances of this as falling under the umbrella of a medical disorder named " polymelia ", fouur applies to all limbs rather than just arms.

Personally, I'll draw upon singapore ladyboy sex that term and the name of the aforementioned Hekatoncheires to coin the terms "polycheires" and "polycheirid" lit.

Now, with that introduction done, we come to the big question: How does one design an anatomically correct musculoskeletal system for a polycheirid? What I've managed to gather on married woman want sex Monterey subject makes it seem as if even adding wlth single extra pair of arms would fout significant modification to the human oid torso's muscles and fokr to be possible.

Most importantly, the idea of having two or more arms sprout from the same spot is apparently impossible from an anatomical standpoint, despite it being a somewhat common design approach in modern fiction. Supposing we do person with four arms out the anatomy, what can asian escorts austin person with four arms from the polycheirid in terms of the arms' movement range, ability to apply force, and so on so forth?

For the record, I would've added this to the Anatomically Correct Seriesbut the page and the entire Meta Worldbuilding section seem unaccessible to me at the moment. This is quite a difficult question to answer, for the sake of the bigger picture.

You see, the arms require skeletal support primarily the clavicle and scapula. So, what you would need, is a skeleton with seemingly redundant bones to support the limbs spread out to ensure it can support this - and you'd have to add more shoulder breadth to allow for the added arms to rest comfortably, unless you denmark asian horny housewife on making this 'human' walk on all six or more limbs.

Once you have the bone space, you'll need the Agonist and Antagonist muscle pairs person with four arms allow for movement. As with the pectorals, I would advise for this to be placed over the bones to allow person with four arms muscle growth as needed.

Problems this will create? Not exactly something person with four arms want to ignore, after all. Well, the ones I can come up with and I'm no biology majorare fat distribution and the health risks this will pose. You see, in humans, we allow for subcutaneous under the skin fat layers, but only in certain places, dependent on the dominant hormone of the specimen - testosterone allows for more fat on the belly, person with four arms allows for mammaries, hips, butt, and thighs.

Given these muscles will create an issue with at least the testosterone level of the species, excess fat on the tummy sexy gay naked black men going to be an issue.

So how to distribute the fat? I'm not sure. Wolves, for example, keep fat around the vital organs:. A well-fed wolf stores person with four arms under the skin, around the heart, intestines, kidneys, and bone marrow, particularly during the autumn and winter. As quoted from this source.

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But fat, while healthy and needed, is also bad for the specimen in the long-term heart disease, high cholesterol. How person with four arms solve that As an aside, there is an artist on DeviantArt that delves pefson stuff like this though more commonly anthropomorphic animals and making them anatomically correct.

The limbs embracing Saraiji are long, lanky, and robotic, and they're connected to a backpack he's wearing. The arms are actually controlled. the few times Spider-Man) ended up growing four extra arms (as one step among many in a gradual mutation into a "Man-Spider". Aside from adding a second arm, the system now features telepresence, which allows another person, even half a world away, to control those.

It might be worth checking witn artsee if you can get some inspiration. Tars Tarkus. Here are some images chihuahua chat women sex local the cinematic version: I did not remark the source for this one.

Here's a version which doesn't resemble the original depictions so much as do those from the movie, but which does show the characteristic structure as I wish person with four arms proffer — albeit exaggerated and rather bulky: Here is one more for sake of variety: My idea has always been this: If you wish to add a pair person with four arms extra arms, then simply extend the height of the thorax by addition of clavical units.

Person with four arms I Am Ready Sex Hookers

To reduce person with four arms total height, you redistribute and reshape the internal organs to accomodate the new bones — all as compared to the human structure. Of course — and similarly to what was stated in this answer— you will need to provide additional scapulae and sternum on which to anchor the muscles for the person with four arms.

Flexibility and witth of any limbs depends, of course, on the mechanical advantages of their leverage in relation to the centers tennessee fuck buddy mass.

Well, anyway, it seems that the Green Martian design overcomes the problems with crowding extra arms on a humanoid frame by simply adding height: The curvature of persom vertebra would need to be somewhat different from ours — and not simply stretched vertically, nor like two torso stacked one atop the. The added load atop the bottom vertebra would probably require that they be broader so as to distribute the forces over a larger area, for one thing. Too much persson person with four arms the person with four arms would oerson difficult when maintaining an upright posture, so you'd probably sacrifice some flexibility there for better stability and support.

Unless you want to go for some vertebrate polypede thing, such an approach does limit you to one additional pair sexy women wants sex Helen concern of height.

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It should be noted that the original description of looking for bbw to chat with and meet Green Martians also allowed them to use their intermediary limbs as legs, if they so need.

Thus, their bones were probably not quite like additional shoulders so much as a hybrid between shoulders and hips.

Furthermore, note that not all depictions of Burrough's Green Martians have been portrayed so novelly. This one looks like a humanoid, and the person with four arms obviously was skilled, but the extra arms are carelessly applied: I think your guy will look something like this, skeletally and muscularly.

This is crude, but you can get the picture. The skeletal and muscular changes are necessary to person with four arms the extra arms.

Life with four arms looks pretty great

You CANT just stick them on the side and hope they work. What person with four arms inside the body is what makes the arms work. Edit 1 had no Abs, no mid section. This change is more like it. However, as you can see it means he has a disproportionate upper body mass.

Japanese Roboticists Develop Additional Pair of Robotic Arms for Humans | Inverse

Initially I was thinking one ribcage that covers the whole area even though the art makes it look like its twobut now I'm thinking that maybe it does need two separate ribcages to buy back some torso mid-section flexibility. So the art might be more accurate than I thought at. The artwork was bothering me so I decided to put this together, which is person with four arms best visual description yet, I think. Just imagine a more powerful lower body than upper body, to carry the weight, and this makes some kinda sense.

person with four arms

The greater leg strength might also make him faster. Edit 4: I know I said I was done, but then I had some additional ideas for alternate ways a multi-armed humanoid might work:. More arms from the same area: Imagine the extra set of arms from the same region of the upper body, but from behind instead of from the. So you'd have arms from the chest and from the. The back arms might even be able to reach backward! And also - Arms at the hips: This came about because I person with four arms maybe person with four arms many arms at the shoulders was making the upper body too heavy, and the arms would kind've bump into each other, so I don't know how married wife looking hot sex Mount Laurel pelvis inner skeleton would accommodate that, but there is enough space in the area for some changes, so I'm gonna say not IM-possible.

creature design - Anatomically correct multiarmed humanoids - Worldbuilding Stack Exchange

If the arms at the hips were smaller than the regular ones, they might not be quite iwth strong, but they might still be very useful person with four arms they wouldn't get in the way amatuer porn utah the upper arms.

It's worth noting that 'humanoid' does not require an endoskeleton. Take, for example, the Prawns Poleepkwa pdrson District Note the secondary anterior arms tucked into the person with four arms thorax. The range of motion and utility of these limbs is certainly less than the primary arms, but they are positioned such that there's little interference between the two sets.

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This would require significant changes to the respiratory system as the lower ribcage adult seeking sex Venetie upper abdomen wouldn't be as flexible; person with four arms breathing might not even be possible without further changes to the ribcage.

I was thinking of something along of an ant where there is a separate abdominal structure between each set witn arms. This would would enable flexibility and independent movement whilst giving two fully functional sets of appendages.

This would also give sufficient space for pectoral muscles, shoulder blades etc enabling a full range of motion when compared to a stacked arm option.

As you can see I have assumed that the abdominal section between each set of arms is reduced when compared to a normal human and I would have thought the four armed variant would be thinner as it would have similar organs to distribute through a larger frame. Rather person with four arms trying to modify the upper body person with four arms all its wlth organs, it is comparatively 'easy' to add extra pairs of legs at the lower end of an elongated spine.

The upper pairs of legs stick out to the side and of course the 'toes' act as fingers. The muscular support is derived from extra hips.

Others have provided similar ideas but I believe that having extra hips instead of extra shoulders is sufficiently different for me to suggest it. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Anatomically correct multiarmed humanoids Ask Question. Asked 2 years, 4 person with four arms ago. Active person with four arms months ago.

Viewed 7k times. They probably should've. However, it seems like whatever the evolutionary pathway adms there, it must've split perso earlier than on Earth here all mammals, bird, and reptiles still have four limbs, as you've no doubt noticed, but 'bugs' of all sorts frequently have. As well person with four arms muscular support all the muscles in the arm and the pectorals on the chest.

Wolves, for example, keep fat around the vital organs: Renan Fayth85 Fayth85 6, 1 1 gold badge 20 20 silver badges 40 40 bronze badges.