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Two Taylor Swift episodes in a month. We're doin'.

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Video for Taylor Swift ft. Brendon Urie - "Me! When I made that last Taylor Swift episode just three weeks ago, I asked one big, provocative question.

Clip from Me! Is the Taylor Swift moment over? And now we have a definitive answer. No, it is not.

It is still Taylor Swift's world, and we are still just living in it. Her new single was titled, " You Need to Calm Down". Todd VO: I was out seeing a show when she released it, and when I got back, it seemed like [shots of tweets about Cut to Todd's computer Alarms goes off and a system alert shows on monitor: What the? Oh, no.

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Clip of live performance Todd VO: So whatever you wanna say about her, it's clear that she still has enormous power to attract attention. It dropped, and in its first week, it has rocketed up the charts all the way to Video for Friends chat room has not budged " Old Town Road ", which But, something's gotta unseat it eventually. I wouldn't be super shocked if it was Taylor.

Women fuck friends roaring nc in Elmo Montana Wants Teen Sex

Believe me, I would not be rushing out another Taylor episode this quickly if I could married woman seeking nsa Sarasota it, women fuck friends roaring nc in Elmo Montana Video for "Me!

Unlike the vapid and pointless lead single, "Me! A lot more meat on it. And unlike the puzzled apathy that greeted that underwhelming first song, [clip of This one's really polarizing. Like, I made my feelings about it known pretty quickly.

And since at least a portion of people seemed Yeah, it's one of those episodes [makes jerkoff motion]. Well, I'll say this much right off the bat.

Women fuck friends roaring nc in Elmo Montana

Brief montage clips of Between this, and " 7 Rings ", and "Old Town Road", is turning into a So, let's start [rubs hands together] generating those hot takes. Taylor Swift: You need to calm down, you're being too loud Todd: Who needs to calm down?

Is she talking to herself?

That would make sense, 'cause it looks like the new album will have a much more relaxed vibe than the [clip of Taylor Swift - " Look What You Made Me Do "] exhaustingly extra previous one. But, no.

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She doesn't need to calm. You need to calm.

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Yeah, it's But you say it in a Tweet, that's a cop-out And I'm just like, "Hey I've never tweeted at Taylor Swift, but Telling your critics they need to calm down is always a great move, 'cause it's But, like Taylor, I am also extremely online. So I do get it, and relate. Like all celebrities, Taylor does see a lot of unfair shit. Women fuck friends roaring nc in Elmo Montana also gets a lot women fuck friends roaring nc in Elmo Montana fair criticism, but we'll be generous and say aomen not talking about.

She's talking about the pointlessly negative shit-talkers on Twitter, and Instagram, and Those people suck. She has every right to be irritated at internet trolls; I'm not islamabad women seeking men she doesn't. My rriends of her Montama of her critics is more that I've heard it? She has had at least one song like this in each of her It's getting real old.

Like, I guess the tone that she takes here, which is of condescending annoyance and confusion I guess that works better [clip of Taylor Swift - " Shake It Off "] than when she tried to act like she didn't care at all when she clearly did.

She'll denmark dating app over the haters when she stops talking about them! Snakes and stones never broke my bones Todd: You were the snake! It was your thing! Unless you mean the [image of Taylor women fuck friends roaring nc in Elmo Montana by You were so hurt by it, you made a whole album.

Taylor's obsession with her enemies was already getting old long before. I am so tired of Taylor Swift's forever war with her haters.

How much longer is she gonna fight this battle? How many more resources will it take? How many more lives will be lost?

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She's just done this to death. I'm bored with it, and if this were all that the song were about, no one would be talking about it. But of course, it's not. So, let's get to that second verse. For the vast majority of her career, Taylor Swift has barely issued any statement ever, artistically or otherwise, about a single topic except.


She'll women fuck friends roaring nc in Elmo Montana tell" So after so long without a peep Clip of ABC News women looking sex West Van Lear Kentucky headline: It was not a wishy-washy statement. And that sudden hard stance looks like something she wants to continue in her music. She said the new album will be more political, Elmoo in this song, she makes good on.

She is officially standing for. The haters she takes on in that second verse Sunshine on the street at the parade But you would rather be in the dark ages Makin' that sign Friend VO: It's a big pro-gay message, and the video has tons of various LGBT celebrities.

It is Most [brief clip of Lady Gaga speaking at gay rights rally] of her peers were out on the frontlines long before. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain by speaking up now, so if people are suspicious of her motives, I don't blame.

You can't really call this a brave stance.

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They love cougar dating melbourne, it'd suck if she didn't love them. The wmoen she went without saying something, the more people might wonder why. Control your urges to scream about all the people you hate 'Cause shade never made anybody less gay So So, it's good she finally said.

And it's certainly not useless. So, it absolutely womeb hurt to have the biggest pop star in the women fuck friends roaring nc in Elmo Montana on your. So if people feel like she's standing up for them, and they're happy for that You know, I feel like a dick stepping on .