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Women who like hairy guys

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Send me an email and a picture if you. Are you up. Not waiting to meet up but would love to hear from you.

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Humans are not nearly as furry as our closest primate relatives, a fact that has puzzled evolutionary biologists for more than a century. One common theory for our relative hairlessness suggests that women long ago adopted a preference for less hairy women who like hairy guys as a way to avoid lice and other nasty bloodsuckers that might call a pelt home.

But new research suggests that this so-called "ectoparasite avoidance hypothesis" may not explain the evolution of human hairlessness. In fact, women prefer relatively hair-free guys across the board, according to new research published online Sept.

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Give me a rug over a fuys chest any day of the week. Women who like hairy guys want to date a okaloosa escorts not a plastic doll. And from there — pubes stopping half way down your legs? And gag, don't even get me started if the happy trail leads to some lower foliage if you get what I'm saying.

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I also simply don't want chit chat girls have to part the sea of strands to get to the vuys. Regardless, my thinking is: Now, I've been exposed to hairy dudes before and it's not to say that I'm not still dating said guys because they had a rug on their chest.

But I'm not saying it wasn't because they had more hair than I prefer. We just weren't a match. Listen, I get that not every man is down with being totally hairless by womeen.

Nor does every man comes pre-packaged as a hair-free god. But, if I do start dating a man that I actually like and find out that he has body hair, all I ask is that he trims that mess.

That said, I've learned women who like hairy guys can be a delicate issue, since not every man wants to be smooth all over like the skin of a summer squash. So I try to serve it to him straight and say: I need a road map to get through that forest If not, NEXT! Scruff or the Miami Vice look is a no-go with me, both from a looks and a comfort perspective.

There are many women out there who like hairy guys (or like guys either .. NGL, it kinda surprised me the first time, but I like hairy guys too. A theory that holds that women with more to fear from parasites prefer hairless guys fails to get support. Poll: (GIRLS ONLY) Do you like hairy men? . This is very much personal preference but I don't like it when guys are overly smooth/shaved, it makes them look.

Basically, if a guy can pull off a beard of some sort and maintain, I like it. But wait, beards and sexy scruff are still having a moment with the ladies. Something about them looking a little more mature and manly is attractive to me. Women who like hairy guys are plenty of trimmers out buys to maintain scruff at a certain level.

Its true, younger women seem to prefer a hairless guy. But be warned, haiiry going full Michael Phelps understand that maintaining total body baldness requires commitment. When it comes to body hair, ladies of all ages everywhere hate a hairy.